Poison Creek
Owyhee County, Idaho
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01 :02 hrs
2.7 mi
1157 ft

This exciting canyon cut by Poison Creek has multiple small pools and requires a few rappels to descend through the canyon. The canyon has many down-climbs and then the first rappel is 20 to 25 feet down a steep cascade into a pool. Unless using a lot of webbing, rocks will have to be gathered to build an anchor in the water at the top of the rappel. lt is possible to bypass this rappel by climbing onto the wide but slanted moss covered ledge on the right. Following the rappel and pool, the canyon descends a narrow chute and then a second rappel. This mandatory rappel is probably about 50 feet high down a waterfall in a narrow chute with a large pool at the bottom. Immediately downstream is another small waterfall that can be rappelled or lt can be bypassed by climbing across a narrow exposed ledge on the left. Continue down the canyon until it begins to open up more and climb out before the bridge. This is a one-way trip.

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