Henry's Lake
Fremont County, Idaho
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Henry's Lake is located in Fremont County off Highway 87 and near Highway 20. The lake is situated on the Yellowstone plateau ecregion of Idaho, and the area offers beautiful vistas of the surrounding Henry's Lake Mountains. A dam built in 1923 for irrigation purposes enlarged Henry's Lake, and it is now a common stop for visitors. The lake averages about 12 feet in depth, has 14 miles of shoreline, and is 6,500 surface acres when full. Cutthroat, rainbow and brook trout are known to be stocked in the water. There is also a $5.00 day use fee required. Facilities & services in the area include boat ramps/docks, parking, drinking water, grocery stores, lodging, hotels, trails, dining, restrooms, and campsites.

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