Borah Peak
Custer County, Idaho
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08 :53 hrs
3.7 mi
5144 ft

Borah Peak is the highest point in Idaho at approximately 12,700 feet. The route goes through three different ecoregions that range from volcanic hills, barren mountains and alpine zones. The mile up climb navigates through scree fields, forest, ridges and rugged rocks. The hike can be strenuous and rather difficult at times but once you reach the peak, a real top of the world feeling sinks in. Appropriate footwear and trekking poles are highly considered because it can get rather steep and slippery at times. Snow is usually around all year and the rocks can also be sharp at times, so you will definitely want to consider wearing gloves as well. Be sure to have an early start for this popular adventure and check the weather forecast in advance.

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