Blackfoot Reservoir (Campground)
Caribou County, Idaho
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06 :20 hrs
14.1 mi
3 ft
Sea Kayaking

Blackfoot Reservoir is located east of Pocatello and north of Soda Springs off of Highway 34. When full, the reservoir has 18,000 surface acres, making it the second largest reservoir in southeastern Idaho. Boating facilities, campsites, handicap access, parking, restrooms, and wildlife viewing opportunities are available in the area. Rainbow, cutthroat trout, and common carp are stocked. Islands are home to pelicans, cormorants, and gulls, while the waters are used for waterfowl, waterbirds and shorebirds. Recreation use fees are required May 15 – September 30, no fees Oct 1 – May 14. There is no water and electricity between Oct. 1 – May 14. Campgrounds may be closed due to snow during winter months. The Fees include; dispersed site: $5.00 per vehicle per night. Developed site: $10.00 per vehicle per night. Electric Hookup: $5.00 per day

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