Cascade Creek
Ouray, Colorado
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03 :10 hrs
3.1 mi
2308 ft

Cascade Creek is a classic and popular canyoneering route in Ouray. The canyon offers rappels, downclimbing and beautiful scenery. There are about 10 rappels; 3 of them are over 200 ft. and the highest being close to 300 ft. The highlight of the trip is the very last rappel. Watch for sharp rock in this canyon which can do damage to ropes. Anchors are mostly natural anchors with one bolted. Bring rappelling gear, wetsuit, 70 ft. of webbing and 13 quicklinks.

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6 years ago
This could be classified as a 3CIV. Depending on how high up you start, it can be a very very long day. The final rappel can actually be avoided by hiking along a ledge system to the south, ending in the Amphitheater.