Buckwater Draw: South Route
Moffat County, Colorado
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02 :16 hrs
3.8 mi
925 ft

Buckwater Draw offers a technical slot canyon in Northwest Colorado. This canyon is very pristine, rugged and untouched. There are no trails so good route finding is a must. This route is shorter than the traditional route. Park at the Plug Hat Picnic Area and follow along the rim of Bull Canyon to the point. Scramble down the canyon and the slot gets better the further you go. There are a few rappels with the highest being 30 ft. When you reach the confluence with the main fork of Buckwater hike up a little into the highlight of the trip known as the Magic Chamber. Once it opens up a bit find the best route up to the rim on the south side. This will be very steep. Follow the rim back to where you dropped into the canyon. Bring several slings, 6-10 rappel rings, helmet, and harness/rope.

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