Buckwater Draw
Moffat County, Colorado
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04 :48 hrs
8.4 mi
1641 ft

Buckwater Draw offers a technical slot canyon in Northwest Colorado. This canyon is very pristine, rugged and untouched. There are no trails so good route finding is a must. From the trailhead follow the old road until the drainage deepens to the south. Bushwack through boulders and vegetation to the beginning of the slot. The first drop is a rappel followed by downclimbs up to 5.7 or you can just rappel them. This canyon has awesome and very unique terrain. When the canyon opens up climb north back to the old dirt road and back to your car. The highest drop is 95 feet, bring several slings, 6-10 rappel rings, helmet, and harness/rope. Prepare for some shallow wading but no forced swims. Do not enter this canyon with rain in the forecast.

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