Shepherds Pass Trail to Mount Williamson
Inyo County, California
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32 :59 hrs
12.9 mi
8028 ft

Mount Williamson Trail begins by following a creek and then making several switchbacks as it quickly gains elevation. The trail is a narrow path that meanders through a rugged landscape providing little to no shade on the trail. This trip is intended to be an overnight trip; at 8 miles is Ansel Camp. Fires are not permitted at the camp. The trail continues to climb through an exposed landscape and past a cluster of alpine lakes where there are plenty of excellent views of the surrounding area. The final ascent climbs up a steep rocky chute and over a steep, blocky headwall to the plateau and finally the summit. It is recommended to do this early in the season when the snow line is lower. During this time, you will encounter talus and scree. Also, crampons and ice axes are recommended for Shepherds Pass. Weather conditions during winter ascents make this significantly more difficult as stated by Harding in 1954. Difficulty Rating: Class 3

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5 years ago
After rabbit run with me for half mile distance, God thanked me, and responded visibly, with a running rabbit on the sky - Sierra wave clouds (in the photo), Independence, CA :