Half Dome via Mist Falls Trail
Mariposa County, California
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10 :17 hrs
7.3 mi
4573 ft

The trail to Half Dome follows the Merced River until it flattens out at Little Yosemite Valley. The ascent has some steep sections and switchbacks including where Vernal Falls and Nevada Falls are at 2 miles and again at 3 miles; there are excellent views of Yosemite Falls at these points. Along the trail, there are three restrooms: Vernal Falls footbridge (2 miles), Emerald Pool (2 miles), Nevada Falls (3 miles), and Little Yosemite Valley (4 miles). Two sets of 400 foot long cable wires run up and down the final ascent to the summit. At the summit, views of Yosemite Valley and the High Seirra await. This is a long and difficult hike, make sure to be prepared. Check out the National Park Website for some tips.

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4 years ago
awesome hike. great visuals