Anacapa Island
Oxnard, California
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02 :21 hrs
5.9 mi
15 ft
Sea Kayaking

11 miles off the coast of California is a remote virtually untouched island with steep rocky cliffs that plunge into the ocean below, this is Anacapa Island. From the loading dock, this trip paddles through crystal clear waters and follows the cliffs along the northern side of the island while passing several sea caves and unique geological formations along the way. The section between roughly 3.7 and 4.5 miles is protected and closed to boats between January 1st and October 31 due to pelican rookery. Be cautious and aware of submerged rocks and shallow reefs in the channels. There is one cove suitable for a landing and another where landing is impossible but offers significant protection from the elements, mile 3.5 and mile 5.5. Loading kayaks from the dock can be a little tricky and requires help. A hoist must be used to lower kayaks 10 to 12 feet from the dock to the water. Contact Island Packers or Truth Aquatics for boat transportation.

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