Taiya Inlet: Haines to Skagway
Haines County, Alaska
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06 :57 hrs
17.4 mi
19 ft
Sea Kayaking

Taiya Inlet, a scenic fjord that runs between Haines and Skagway, is a popular destination for paddlers due to its dramatic and breathtaking scenery. High cliffs, a tall waterfall, and distant views of large glaciers are just some of the sights that paddlers can expect to see when paddling the inlet. This trip is only suitable for experienced paddlers due to limited opportunity to take-out when waters are rough and the windy conditions that can exist in the area. There is also lots of large boat traffic that uses the waterway to transport between Haines and Skagway. The trip can easily be paddled as a one-way route by utilizing ferries and other water transport to shuttle back to the launch site, or as a longer out-and-back trip if desired. The area is tidally influenced and using the tides to your advantage is advised so reference tide charts before setting out.

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