Sapphire Peak
Valdez, Alaska
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03 :14 hrs
4.6 mi
3566 ft
Backcountry Skiing

As one of the premiere ski mountaineering routes in the Valdez area, Sapphire Peak offers all the elements of steep rock, ice and snow resulting in some technical ski terrain that expert level skiers are sure to enjoy. The ascent begins from mile marker 27 on Richardson Highway above Thompson Pass. Move up the hill favoring easy ground and cross the pipeline enroute to the base of Loveland Basin ridgeline. From the base of the ridgeline, ski “Subway” to the base of the 27-Mile Glacier. Move up and to the right of the glacier as high as you can before moving onto the glacier and traversing the main icefall. From here you will need to remove the skis and hike the rest of glacier drainage to the basin. After reaching the basin ski across the glacier over towards Sapphire Peak. Ascend up to the col low located on the south ridge and remove your skis to finish to the summit. Bring crampons and an an ice axe as the ridge may require the use of these to reach the summit. Descending off the summit ridge is steep and best to favor your skin track down through to your boot tracks through the icefall. Do not stray from your ascent tracks through the icefall, as this can prove to be a costly mistake. It is wise to bring crampons, an ice axe and crevasse rescue gear.

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