Lutak Inlet
Haines County, Alaska
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10 :29 hrs
13.1 mi
17 ft
Sea Kayaking

Lutak Inlet is a scenic bay located just a short distance north of Haines off of Chilkhoot Inlet. The bay is known for awesome paddling and wildlife viewing. The opportunity to view marine life is abundant during the spring when lots of sea lions, orcas, and humpback whales arrive for the Eulachon run. The inlet is also a good option for beginner paddlers as the water fairly protected and calm as long as weather is cooperating. There is also lots of development and access along the shoreline making it easy to pull off the water if needed. This trip starts from the harbor in Haines and follows the shoreline to the mouth of Taiyasanka Harbor. Paddlers with a bit more experience can continue on into Taiyasanka Harbor and return back by crossing the inlet but this should only be attempted during good paddling conditions.

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