Loveland Basin
Valdez, Alaska
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02 :54 hrs
4.4 mi
2924 ft
Backcountry Skiing

The ascent up Loveland begins from mile marker 27 on Richardson Highway above Thompson Pass. Move up the hill favoring easy ground and cross the pipeline enroute to the base of the ridgeline. From the base of the ridgeline, choose to ascend via the ridgeline, or traverse into the lower basin via “Subway” and then ascend the main drainage system (this is the better option if winds are high on the ridge). Choose either option and move up onto the glacier and navigate across along the left-side where there are no crevasses. Finish to the summit by skiing past two smaller summits to gain the main summit ridge. From the summit, choose from one of the chutes to descend off before following your ascent route across the glacier. Next descend down the drainage and traverse up high at the base of the glacier to meet up with you ascent tracks back to your vehicle. Loveland Basin offers a classic ascent, great views from atop the summit, steep chutes up top and a great natural terrain park mid-mountain. Beginner and intermediate skiers should not travel onto the glacier unless accompanied by advanced skiers with adequate local knowledge of the area

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