Glacier Bay National Park: Bartlett Cove to Secret Bay
Gustavus, Alaska
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07 :30 hrs
9.4 mi
35 ft
Sea Kayaking

Glacier Bay National Park is a large wilderness area in southeast Alaska that consists of millions of acres of rugged mountain terrain and protected coastline for visitors to enjoy. The park is one of the most popular destinations in the Inside Passage for padders to explore and the trip options are numerous. The waters here also provide great wildlife viewing opportunity including diverse birdlife, bears, and humpback whales just to name a few. Bartlett Cove is where the headquarters of the park is located and is accessible only by boat and plane. During the summer there is ferry service to the park through the Alaska Marine Highway System. This trip starts from Bartlett Cove and explores a bay located to the north on the other side of Lester Island. The water is fairly protected but there is a lot of large boat traffic in Bartlett Cove. Passing through the channel between Bartlett Cove to the other side of Lester Island requires good timing with the tides so be sure to check out the tide schedule before heading out. Contact the park service for information about visiting the park and current ferry schedule.

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